Half Breed on Channel 4

Natasha Marshall is a #TalawaFamily writer/performer who we've been delighted to work with since 2009. 

In 2016 we presented Natasha's play HALF BREED at Talawa Firsts, directed by Miranda Cromwell. 

HALF BREED was picked up by Soho Theatre for a co-production with us, visiting Edinburgh in the summer of 2017, followed by a run at Soho Theatre later that year. Feedback from audiences and critics alike was rapturous.

  • Ann Treneman, The Times

    ★★★★ “… it's the way Marshall tells it that captures you … she’s got something special about her, almost a sort of wildness. I think she’s going to be a star.”

  • In 2018 we partnered with Soho Theatre to take HALF BREED on a UK tour, again with great feedback from audiences and critics alike.

    Soho Theatre and the British Council then took HALF BREED on an international tour to India, where the play was also very well received. 

  • The Evening Standard

    ★★★★ "Marshall, directed by Miranda Cromwell, moves fluidly between prose and everyday rhythms of speech as she delineates her characters, and gives an impassioned performance ... it's funny and gripping, and its emotional punch feels very real."

  • Now, December 2019, Channel 4 have worked with Saturday’s Child/Talkback and Natasha Marshall to create a pilot of HALF BREED, co-written by her sister Gemma Marshall. 

    We're delighted for Natasha and Gemma.

    HALF BREED is a Saturday’s Child/Talkback production. It was created and written by Tash Marshall. It was co-written by Gemma Marshall. It stars Tash Marshall, Callie Cook, Tricia Deighton, Chloe Okora, Liz May Brice, Bobby Schofield, Peter Jakubow and Tim Henley. The Blap was directed by Sophia Di Martino, the producer was Gayle Cope and the executive producer was Nana Hughes. HALF BREED was commissioned by Laura Riseam.

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