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For 35 years Talawa has been breaking down barriers, providing opportunities for Black artists throughout the UK. 

We are proud to be the UK’s outstanding Black British theatre company.

Through our work, we actively listen to, develop and support Black people at all stages of their creative careers, equipping our artists with the skills and tools necessary to navigate an often prejudiced world.

Whilst we have made ground-breaking steps towards tackling social injustice, there is still much to do.

We have big plans for the future. We are a charity. We cannot do what we do without your support. 

You would be hard pressed to find an emerging Black British writer who has not been supported in an absolutely essential way by the Talawa Literary department. They have become an integral – dare I say, unique – part of the new writing ecology in the UK.

Abigail Gonda, Development Producer, BBC Writersroom / Commissioning Producer, Audible
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The world is multi-national; the world has no walls. Talawa is playing its part in creating the big world that really exists. 

Bonnie Greer: Playwright, Novelist, Critic, Broadcaster and Commentator 

Support Talawa and Black British theatre creatives with your donation

We can’t do what we do without your support. Every donation helps our work with Black British artists and creatives thrive. 

Sign up below to become a ‘Talawa Maker’ by setting up a regular gift  by direct debit though Charity Checkout.All donations will support the area of work where it is most needed.

Deeply rich and refreshingly thought-provoking, for generations Black British theatre has inspired, stimulated and enriched British theatre for all.

Despite this, BAME creatives are significantly under-represented within the theatre industry, with only 9% of BAME artists hired permanently within the arts *. This percentage has remained static since 2017/2018 despite Office of National Statistics figures showing the working age BAME population in England at 16%.  

This is not for lack of talent.

Black creatives face specific barriers that hinder their progression and artistic development. These include:

  • Financial Barriers
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Limited Networks

Through the power of theatre, we at Talawa work to overcome such barriers, providing Black creatives with the security, knowledge and platform to succeed within the industry.

Talawa Stars

For £5 per month you can become a TalawaStar. £5 per month could help to support emerging Black writers through out Script Reading Service, enabling us to keep this service free for our artists, working to overcome financial barriers our artists may face.

Talawa All-Stars

For £10 per month you can become a Talawa All-Star.£10 per month could help to support young Black creatives in our devised programme of workshops, providing a safe space for Black British artists to collaboratively explore their lived experiences through theatre.

Talawa Heroes

For £50 per month you can become a Talawa Hero. £50 per month could help to fund facilitators to prepare and deliver key workshops in a primary school, encouraging confidence in the arts from a young age.

Talawa Superheroes

For £80 per month you can become a Talawa Superhero. £80 per month could help to fund one-on-one mentoring sessions with industry professionals, providing our Black creatives with the indispensable networks to progress in their careers.

Help Talawa to support and develop Black artists at all stages of their careers 

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It is only by the help of generous individuals like you, that we can continue our vital work.

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We can’t do what we do without your support. Every donation helps our work with Black British artists and creatives thrive.