A Talawa Double Bill: Love in Gravitational Waves & Bougie Lanre's Boulangerie

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Talawa Firsts on Tour


11th May – 15th June 2024

Presenting these two pieces as a double-bill marks the first time that Talawa has takenproductions from Talawa Firsts to key cities outside of London – encapsulating the vision of2023’s festival, New Ideas; No Limits. The two pieces complement each other hugely, using off-beat humour to tackle themes of extraction, temporality in people and places, (be)longing and the perils of late-stage capitalism.


Love in Gravitational Waves is a two-hander that is inspired by multi-generational interviews with over 40 people that articulates the vapid nature of contemporary dating through a fast-paced comedy-drama. Through a series of dates and apps interactions, we meet characters in search of something better in a world where profiles are currency and one right (or wrong) swipe is enough to change a life. A play about love, identity and fate penned by award-winning playwright and hip-hop artist/beatboxer Testament (Black Men Walking, Orpheus in the Record Shop).

Bougie Lanre's Boulangerie by acclaimed poet Kareem Parkins-Brown is an existential poetry talk show chronicling Kareem's years working in the hospitality industry, attempting to make ends meet as a Black, working-class artist who cares more about craft than consumerism. It's the job of long-suffering waiting staff, servers and cooks to be kind; serving and embodying kindness, with a smile on each and every shift. Or is it...? Putting the 'cuss dem' in customer, through ingenious wordplay and graphic visuals, Kareem exposes a world of raging waiters, kind cooks, rude customers and gentrifying pop-ups that had audiences howling- as well as reconsidering how they behave in restaurants.


  • Credits

    Love in Gravitational Waves

    Written by: Testament

    Directed by: Brigitte Adela

    Performed by:

    Anyebe Godwin & Kamilah Shorey

    Bougie Lanre's Boulangerie

    Written by: Kareem Parkins-Brown

    Directed by: Philip J Morris

    Performed by: Kareem Parkins-Brown

    Producer: Samantha Nurse

    Production Manager: Herbe Walmsley

    Set & Costume Designer: TK Hay

    Sound Designer: Lo-Wu Sounds

    Dramaturgs: malakaï sargeant & Robert Awosusi

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