HATCH was an amazing experience.   For 4 weeks in August our rehearsal studio was taken over by TYPT:16, Talawa's flagship programme for emerging theatre makers.   

Our emerging artists were paired with a multidisciplinary team and together the company developed their practice, testing ideas and producing a brand new piece of theatre.   

The TYPT ‘theatre laboratory’ was an inspiring example of experimentation and collaboration.

Audiences told us what they thought about the show.

  • “Great show. Absolutely loved it.”

  • “Such power, such intensity. The actors were amazing, as was the direction.”

    • Kevin Murphy Photography
    • Kevin Murphy Photography
  • “Life changing stuff. This is what we’re all thinking and feeling. So important.”

    • Kevin Murphy Photography
  • “Loved the flip between characters, spaces and situations and also loved the humour – so funny – but also so powerful”

    • Kevin Murphy Photography
  • “I spent last week in Edinburgh but saw nothing like this – this is real, this is great”

    • Kevin Murphy Photography
  • "HATCH was wonderful. Congratulations to you and your extraordinary, gifted ... cast. They brought it to life on the stage, and left every part of themselves - body and voice - there. Deft, acutely observed, and mature writing, that revealed itself bit by bit, deeper and deeper. I was completely "there", without quite knowing where I'd been taken, but I trusted the process because the acting was secure enough to carry it. If only theatre was always that good."

    • Kevin Murphy Photography

    HATCH highlights by Talawa Theatre Company's TYPT16

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