Freelance Task Force

In May 2020,Talawa was proud to be a signatory of this open letter to theatre and performance makers, alongside other theatre, performance companies and venues across the UK. Talawa was part of the group which decided to set up a Freelance Task Force.


The aim of the Freelance Task Force is to strengthen the influence of the self-employed theatre and performance community; to create ongoing points of connection between freelancers, organisations, funders, and government; and to amplify the voice of the self-employed in the conversations to come about how we manage the response to and recovery from the Covid-19 crisis in the performing arts sector.


  • Given the urgency to set up the taskforce and as Talawa already works with freelancers underrepresented in the industry, we felt that we were satisfied in directly approaching a freelancer with the offer.
  • We all aspire for representation, in every sense, across the Freelance Task Force. With that in mind we decided to actively find a freelancer that could fill the gaps in the discipline areas as well as those that had lowest figures of representation.
  • We asked our team for recommendations for freelancers who filled some or all of these criteria.
  • Finally, we approached the freelancer that would be able to represent as many of these areas of representation that were missing or lowest among the freelancers already selected.


We’re really pleased to announce that FUBUNATION have accepted the offer to join the Freelance Task Force, and that we will support them to fulfil their roles.

  • Black British theatre artists and creatives remain at the heart of everything we do at Talawa


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