A Mixed Bill 2: Aminita Francis, Vanessa Macaulay and Olivia Douglass.

                              FRIDAY 28TH JUNE

                                                         The Ditch, Rivington Room.


             'SUGARLAND'  Aminita Francis   

A mash-up of music and poetry it explores what it means to be a 'strong black woman', a Matriarch and a Victim in one body.

 'Made Not Born' by Vanessa Macaulay

Made Not Born is my personal story of growing up in Hertforshire, trying to fit in. In a country saturated by US influence, can there be such a thing as a Black British female identity? From Swan Lake to the Spice Girls via a bodybuilder mother, Made Not Born is my search for belonging. 

          'Palm As Portal' by Olivia Douglass

'Palm As Portal' is a rallying call for a re-imagined understanding of intimacy. Combining poetry, sound and audience participation, the piece embarks on a meditative journey through self-acceptance, queer intimacy and communal nurturing.

  •                                      MAKER BIOS

                                       Aminita Francis

    Aminita Francis

  • Aminita is a 2017 drama school graduate currently making her mark in British theatre, she has performed at Theatre Royal Stratford East, The Courtyard Stratford upon Avon and The London Palladium. Her recent work includes 'Hive City Legacy' which she devised with Australian sensation Hot Brown Honey, and award winning smash hit 'FRANKENSTEIN--How to Make a Monster' which she created with Battersea Arts Centre.

  •                               Vanessa Macaulay

    Vanessa Macaulay

  • My creative practice exists because I do, so it very much addresses issues of identity. I like to play with the idea of fact and fiction to allow me to discuss things that I don't have the vocabulary for - yet. I now feel my practice helps to come closer to this discussion, as it speaks to contemporary struggles and anxieties about navigating the world in a specific body. My practice tends to be solo based and often orbits around movements, spoken word, sound and video.

  •                                   Olivia Douglass

  • Olivia Douglass is a writer, artist and producer from South East London. Her work aims to create an innovative terrain for writing to re-mould the traditional and colonial images surrounding the Black Queer experience. She recently published her debut collection of poetry titled 'Slow Tongue', which is an examination of language and the relationship between Black women artists. She is Barbican Young Poets Alumni, and has worked with the Albany Theatre, Earwax Collective, The S+K Project and is currently working at Hip-Hop Theatre company Boy Blue. 'Palm As Portal' is her first stage show.

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