For more than 34 years Talawa has been breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for Black artists throughout the UK. 

With more than 50 touring productions, we are proud to be the nation’s primary Black-led theatre company.

Through our work, we actively listen to, develop and support Black people at all stages of their creative careers, equipping our artists with the skills and tools necessary to navigate an often prejudiced world.

Whilst we have made ground-breaking steps towards tackling social injustice, there is still much to do.

We have big plans for the future. We are a charity. We cannot do what we do without your support. 

  • The total percentage of the Arts Council's National Portfolio Organisations' (NPO) workforce with a Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME)* background is 11% across the whole country and 15% in London; while the percentage of the NPO workforce from BAME backgrounds hired permanently remains 9%. Compared to the Office of National Statistics percentage of working age BAME people in England of 16%, this presents a picture of poor diverse representation within UK theatre.

    • Broken down by job level, 17% of the NPO workforce from BAME backgrounds are artists, 9% managers and 10% specialists.
    • 15% of the NPO workforce identify as one of several BAME categories within the Theatre Industry
    • For all [Art Council's] programmes, the success rate for applications from BAME projects was 35% (Grants for the Arts, Developing
    • your Creative Practice and Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants)
    • Of the overall NPO audiences, 16% of audiences described their background as one of several BAME categories, while only 3% of audiences identified as Black.
    • Of the Theatre NPO audiences, 13% of audiences described their ethnicity as one of several BAME categories while only 3% of audiences identified as Black.

    Arts Council England, 2020, Equality, Diversity and the Creative Case

    * The use of BAME comes from the Arts Council England report, it is not a descriptive term we choose

  • Abigail Gonda, Development Producer, BBC Writersroom / Commissioning Producer, Audible

    "Talawa’s reputation for developing new talent has grown astronomically ... You would be hard pressed to find an emerging Black British writer who has not been supported in an absolutely essential way by the Talawa Literary department. They have become an integral – dare I say, unique – part of the new writing ecology in the UK."

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  • We simply can't do what we do without your support

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