Terror Management Theory by William Nyerere Plastow at Talawa Firsts 2021

Talawa Firsts 2021: Terror Management Theory

Terror Management Theory traces the cracks that show in the marriage of businesswoman Violet and ex-soldier Chris when Violet’s abusive ex-boyfriend Kwame comes to dinner, bringing an unexpected guest.

    William Nyerere Plastow

  • William Nyerere Plastow is a Manchester based, playwright, screenwriter and film maker. He has shared a stage speaking against police brutality with Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Colors and directed a documentary on failings in maternity care which was deemed so shocking it was suppressed by the Kenyan Ministry of Health.

    As a playwright, William is interested in stories which explore big social, political and moral questions, but without offering any easy answers. He is currently working on a project set in the anti-Mau Mau concentration camps of 1950s Kenya.

  • We're delighted to be working with William as part of Talawa Firsts 2021. Terror Management Theory gripped us from the start; the story of a middle class dinner party set within a Black household is too rarely seen. With Terror Management Theory we get to see it at last, and in ways that twist, turn and surprise too.

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