Michaela Coel 'Chewing Gum'

In 2009 we had the incredible privilege of having a young theatre-maker called Michaela Coel apply to join our TYPT summer school.

As always with such a project, we all learned from each other as we devised a new piece of theatre from the ground up under the direction of Amani Naphtali. That TYPT 2009 production was called Krunch.

Earlier this year Michaela told us what TYPT meant to her, why it mattered and how it helped her develop a career in theatre. She said:

“I came to TYPT looking for the empowerment to develop as a performer and writer, and I certainly succeeded, we all did. The greatest part of being part of the TYPT family was, well, just that – being part of a supportive family, a community of trustworthy inspiring people that enabled me to develop and grow as an artist and person. TYPT allowed me to create friendships which have lasted thus far and make connections in the world of Drama that have benefited my career greatly. Talawa’s enduring faith in developing new artists is remarkable and for my own journey TYPT was the biggest part of that. If you're interested in developing your craft, in ensemble work, in your own identity and individuality as an artist, I'd suggest you make TYPT your first call!”

Michaela Coel has since worked at the National Theatre, developed a web series and now a TV series. Tonight, and repeated on 10th October 2015, Michaela Coel's 'Chewing Gum' premieres on E4. Don't miss it.

Find out more about Michaela Coel and 'Chewing Gum' - Guardian.co.uk, Filthy, funny and Christian: the many sides of Chewing Gum's Michaela Coel

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