Script Reading Service

Are you a Black writer? Talawa's free Script Reading Service provides feedback and support to emerging Black writers across the UK

How it works

  • Send us your script before the deadline (the script submission window closes on 15th December 2021)
  • We'll confirm that we have received your script
  • Your script will be read by one of our team of script readers, who will report back to our New Work Producer

You will either receive a detailed script report or, if your script is selected for further development, you will be invited to meet with us.

Please note - this process takes three months.

  • DEADLINE - 11:59pm Wednesday 15th December 2021

  •            Top tips from our script readers:

  • "Don't try to conform to standards already set by others, set your own"

  • "Avoid stereotypes. Research the social / cultural context of your characters"

  • "Don't second guess what they want you to write. Write what you want to write"

  •  What our successful writers have to say:

  • Theresa Ikoko

    " ... there aren’t very many routes into this out of reach world ... Talawa look for us, they seek us out and take the time and care needed to build us up in all the ways that truly matter."

  • Somalia Seaton

    "Talawa has been an integral part of my growth as an artist and writer, gaining confidence in both my voice and place at the table … the springboard … a safe haven for me, full of encouragement and belief."

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