Talawa's impact 2020/2021

The pandemic threw us many challenges, just as it did to everyone in the industry. 

Our foremost concern was for the freelancers we worked with; their incomes fell off a cliff. 

So, what did we do?

  • Talawa's Impact in 2020/2021

    We provided paid work for 70 freelancers

    We did this by:

    • engaging with 9 Black key workers to tell their stories through Tales From the Front Line
    • contracting and paying 9 Black artists and creatives
    • receiving more than 5000 views;80% of views came from people aged 25 to 34, of which 60% were UK based

    We enhanced our Unconscious Bias, Anti-Racism and Diversity training:

    • We employed 19 facilitators to help us deliver the training
    • We digitally delivered 57 training sessions to 10 organisations and 766 participants
    • 94% of participants recognised the need for this training

    We didn't stop there 

    • We provided digital support through one-to-one sessions, group discussions and training and much more
    • We read more than 180 scripts and shared more than 260 opportunities via MAKE Online

    And we did much more ...

  • Check out all the numbers here (PDF)

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