Talawa Writers' Podcast

The Talawa Writers' podcast is here.

Join our Artistic Director Michael Buffong as he chats with writers who have been part of Talawa Firsts. Taking part are Theresa Ikoko, Keisha Thompson, Archie Maddocks and William Nyerere Plastow. There will be more podcasts to come.

This is no dry conversation about technique. These conversations are lively exchanges filled with humour, intelligence and joy about writing, learning, and the journey from page to stage, while maintaining mental health and well being and carrying the burden of representation.

  • Theresa Ikoko

    “This industry makes you feel like you’re alone but you’re not”

  • Archie Maddocks

    “Most of writing aint writing; most of writing is thinking”

  • Keisha Thompson

    "It's good to have something to push against ... you need to have that."

  • Willian Nyerere Plastow

    “What is the worst thing? Being boring. 100%. Being boring ... is just like death to me.”

  • In a wide ranging conversation where Michael spins the wheel, questions are asked and issues discussed; everything from navigating the industry as Black writers, self-care, handling rejection and ‘notes’, to their writing methods, motivations and much more. 

  • The podcasts coincide with Talawa Firsts 2021. The first podcast was published on Tuesday 6th July 2021 at 12 noon, and the second on Tuesday 13th July 2021.

    Listen using the link above, or here, or on Spotify.

  • Visit the Talawa Firsts 2021 page

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