Talawa Connects with SKYGOD and The Repeat Beat Poet

SKYGOD and The Repeat Beat Poet – Activism and Rhyme

As the holidays approach, we remember the joy and happiness December can bring. It’s also a time to think about what our achievements are, what we want for ourselves and how we might come to share our stories, especially now that the last few years have shown us the breaking point. 

Can we find ways of communicating that we overlooked before?

  • For this Talawa connect – Omari and PJ’s session is all about finding the perfect way to share your voice and your fight in a way that connects with people on a musically poetic level.

  • Sky is a poet and rapper from West London who travelled with the Black Music Movement around England, protesting alongside many artist and activists throughout the summer of 2020 aiming to bring visibility to of Blackness and Black art, bringing in audiences of all different backgrounds.

    The Repeat Beat Poet is a hip-hop poet who is well renowned for his skill with words, and ability to look deep into the roots of poetry and rhythm and connect with audiences who have never had that experience. 

    Together the two founded Pen-Ting Poetry, a regular Hip-Hop and Poetry event which aims to platform and showcase the work of young Black creatives.

  • Come - take part in this vibe, share some of your dope work and evoke the power in your words with this performance poetry workshop!

    • 2 main activities – written activities scaffold with a discussion on who we are and what Pen-Ting does
    • Guided workshop – write a poem – what poetry means to them – why they do a movement.
    • Second part – music rhythm and how to include things over Rhythm
    • 2hrs! - resources = paper and pen! Speaker and laptop already have!
    • Share any digital assets and they will promote

    When: Friday 10th December – 6.30pm – 8.30pm
    Where: Talawa Studios Fairfield Halls
    Price: £5 per person or £3 for Students/Unwaged/Croydon Residents (proof of address mandatory)

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