Urban Afro Saxons


Urban Afro Saxons

Written by Kofi Agyemang and Patricia Elcock

Directed by Paulette Randall


You have the passport, you live in the country and you even have the accent but does it take more to mean you are British? 

Produced by Talawa, Britain’s leading Black theatre company, Urban Afro Saxons is Paulette Randall’s first production as Talawa’s new Artistic Director.

Timed to tap into Black History Month and performing at a time when the Home Office has called for the controversial application of citizenship tests, Urban Afro Saxons confronts one of today’s hottest questions:

What makes You British?

With an enormously talented cast and a theme that’s as up to the minute as they come, Urban Afro Saxons brings an exciting new slant to the subject of identity.

  • Urban Afro Saxons | Theatre Royal Stratford East, London: 23 October - 15 November 2003

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