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The Serpent's Tooth


The Almeida Theatre in association with Talawa Theatre Company

Written by David Watson
Directed by Michael Buffong

World premiere

A potent finale to King Lear set in the basement tunnels of Shoreditch Town Hall.


In an unstable nation, vulnerable to violence, what form will justice take?

King Lear and his family are dead, and in the aftermath of a cruel war the country is at a crossroads. As lawlessness descends, an imprisoned traitor awaits his fate.

A prominent diplomat arrives to oversee the trial of this infamous prisoner. But with the guards resisting his authority and the threat of invasion growing outside, the visitor's purpose begins to unravel.

Staged in the atmospheric basement of Shoreditch Town Hall, this potent finale to King Lear brings the audience face-to-face with a nation's struggle for power.

Writer David Watson is best known for Flight Path (Bush Theatre) and Pieces of Vincent (Arcola Theatre). Talawa Theatre Company Artistic Director Michael Buffong directed Crawling in the Dark at the Almeida Theatre in 2011, as well as the highly acclaimed Moon on a Rainbow Shawl at the National Theatre.

Please note that this is a site-specific piece and performances are not taking place at the Almeida Theatre.

  • Exeunt Magazine

    "A memorable and haunting piece of work"

  • The Serpent's Tooth | Shoreditch Town Hall, London: 7 - 17 November 2012

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