The Key Game


The Key Game

Written by Patricia Cumper

Directed by Karena Johnson


“[Talawa’s The Key Game] is a wonderful production, full of hard-edged pathos and poetry.”

Critics Choice, Time Out

“It deserves to be taken seriously in the development of black drama. The performances also demonstrate the extraordinary breadth and depth of black acting talent in this country.”

The Guardian

“Cumper’s drama works so well because it makes its points by emphasising the characters’ humanity rather than the misfortunes dealt out to them both by life and the system.”

Evening Standard

“It works as theatre thanks to the actors’ skilful performances and director Karena Johnson’s nimble stagecraft.”

The Stage

“The Key Game’s main pleasure lies in Cumper’s skilful charaterisation and interaction between the inmates revealing their mental illness as the result of personal tragedy.”

What’s On

“[Pat Cumper’s play] tells those stories so vividly that the audience lives them too, particularly in the lives of old, damaged Gonzales who gazes longingly through the barred window at the sea as if in the search of his dead wife.”

The Guardian

“[Talawa’s] production boasts outstanding performances, especially from newcomer Kevin Harvey as the fastidious, “I’m an educated man”, Shakespeare. Beside him, Marc Matthews as Gonzales, an old fisherman tormented by guilt. Sylvano Clarke’s fiery, paranoid Dappo and Jim Findley’s kindly Norman find humour and pathos in a piece ultimately hugely appealing in its honesty and compassion.”

What’s On

“Karena Johnson’s staging is deft and attentive on both micro and macro levels.”

Financial Times

“This is a resonant triumph for Talawa.”

Evening Standard

  • The Key Game | Riverside Studios, London | 3 - 19 October 2002

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