The Importance of Being Earnest


The Importance of Being Earnest

A co-production with the Tyne Theatre Company

Cork, Newcastle and London: 19-24 June 1989

Written by Oscar Wilde

Directed by Yvonne Brewster


Talawa Theatre Company presented Oscar Wilde's 'The Importance of Being Earnest' with an all-Black cast directed by the company's Artistic Director Yvonne Brewster at the Tyne Theatre, Cork Opera House, and Bloomsbury Theatre in 1989.

Talawa’s was the first all-Black production of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest in London. 

The Oscar Wilde classic was a co-production with The Tyne Theatre, Newcastle in Spring 1989 and also toured the UK.

  • CAST

    Gary McDonald

    Ben Thomas

    Mona Hammond

    Juanita Waterman

    Teohna Williams

    Leonie Forbes

    Oscar James

    Andrew Goth

    Osei Bentil

  • Yvonne Brewster

    "... the only living relative of Oscar Wilde, his grandson Merlin Holland, came to see the show with his Mother. We didn't even know he was coming. He just kept coming back all the time, and he wrote something really nice in my book ... 'Yvonne, you have done more for The Importance than anyone in 20 years' ... this production had given back life because it was irreverant and fun again ... "

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