Long Time No See


Long Time No See

Written by Grant Buchanan Marshall
Directed by Michael Buffong

Can love be black and white?


A brand new play about love across the colour line.

I wanted to write about a mixed race relatinship that started in the fifties but continues to have consequences to the present day. The idea came from a real-life story I had read about in Mike and Trevor Philips' book Windrush: The Irresistible Rise of Multi-Racial Britain.

Grant Buchanan, Writer

Long Time No See once again has Grant Buchanan Marshall looking at difficult subject matter from his own unflinching perspective. Seemingly simple and sparse dialogue hiding a mountain of emotional turmoil. On this our second collaboration I find that he still has the ability to shock me and to ask difficult questions. He leaves his audience with no easy answers, no neat endings, just the undeniable feeling that there must be a better way, if only we could find it.

Michael Buffong, Director

  • Long Time, No See | Stratford Circus, Theatre Square, Stratford, London: 4 - 29 April 2002

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