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Lie With Me TYPT:14



Devised by the Company
Directed by Ola Animashawun


What happens when all the promises you make to yourself and others are broken?

A surreal hospital with messages delivered in envelopes; twisted scenarios cause group dynamics to crumble in the face of betrayal. Physical theatre and a haunting soundscape combine to create an evening of disturbing and powerful drama.

TYPT is now a fixture in London's theatre scene. Why? TYPT's magic formula has a lot to do with it, as this video story explains.

Creative processes are aligned with fresh participants aged 18-25, both cast and off stage, who work with an experienced Director to devise a piece of theatre from the ground up.

Over four weeks of intensive rehearsals the TYPT company have worked together to develop their practice, test ideas and explore new ways of working. The results are exciting.

Lie With Me is TYPT's 20th production - an enduring testament to Talawa's commitment to enabling new BAME voices to be heard.

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  • Who can you really trust?

  • What makes TYPT unique? The answer is collaboration.

    TYPT enables collaboration between emerging and established theatre practitioners. The multi-disciplinary team works together to form innovative approaches to storytelling.

    Unlike traditional theatre where a script might be the starting point, TYPT throws out the rule book. There is no script. Into the vacuum rush the multiple voices of the TYPT team, responding to provocative themes and concepts.

    Raw ideas are examined from different viewpoints, played with and developed, capturing and challenging the unconscious attitudes which inform them.

    Through this method of free-form exploration a new piece of theatre gradually develops.

    This is what TYPT Company Members have to say:

    "Every day I find myself thrown out of my comfort zone, literally thrown out ... every day I am blessed with the opportunity to work amongst greatness."
    TYPT: 08 Company Member

    "I am surrounded by a team of highly skilled people ... together we are learning new styles and new forms of expression... I know it will push me to be better and better as a performer.."
    TYPT: 09 Company Member

    "Totally grateful and appreciate the TYPT experience. It's a complete collective collaboration and I loved and would love to continue working this way ... very liberating. I love what I do even more from this experience."
    Coral Messam, Movement Director (TYPT: 10 and TYPT: 12)

    "Being an assistant director on TYPT was a very worthwhile experience. I was able to help create the bigger picture while supporting and helping the cast with their individual journeys... I was able to do this because I was given the trust and respect to do so."
    Madeleine Kludje, Assistant Director, TYPT: 12

    "I have had the chance to become more aware and confident of my wish to work with a company that has an ensemble attitude with all of the benefits that come through that process of working."
    Anthony Ekundayo Lennon, Director (TYPT: 12)

  • Lie With Me | ​Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, The Embassy Theatre, London: 14 - 16 August 2014

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