Beef, No Chicken


Beef, No Chicken

Written by Derek Walcott

Directed by Yvonne Brewster

Beef, No Chicken is one of Derek's most accessible works...a genuine hilarious comedy but layered with the small personal tragedies that are concomitant with progress.
Judy Stone, West Indian critic


Five days in the life of the residents of Couva, a small town in Central Trinidad.

'Beef, No Chicken demonstrates sophistication and poetic ease in a genre more often characterised by slapstick farce, dialect buffoonery and stereotyped thinking. It effectively captures and satirizes in human terms what neo-colonial economic and political policy is all about: whether it is the International Money Fund loans, the Caribbean Basin Initiative, or the Grenada invasion, the West Indies have passed from one pair of hands to another' Lowel Fiet, from Mapping out a New Nile

  • Beef, No Chicken | Tricycle Theatre, London: 18 December 1996 – 1 February 1997

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