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Anansi and the Magic Mirror


Hackney Empire Theatre presents Talawa Theatre Company’s

Anansi and the Magic Mirror

Written by Geoff Aymer, Directed by Paul J. Medford

I am Anansi, the cheeky little spider-man. They say I’m guilty of sneaky tricks and scams.

But I’m just guilty of ducking and diving. Surviving the best way I can…


Monkeys, hood rats, two fearsome jungle cats and Anansi the spider are brought to life through storytelling, dance, music, song and a lot of laughter. When Anansi enters the world of Nana Susu’s Magic Shop and steals the Magic Mirror from under the nose of the young girl Adjoah, he unleashes the power of Lilith from the underworld and causes a whole lot of bother. Can he return everything to rights or has he bitten off more than he can chew? Only Nana Susu knows for sure.

  • Anansi and the Magic Mirror | Hackney Empire, London: 19 February - 7 March 2009

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