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Talawa is committed to sharing the creative processes behind our artistic work and to encouraging lifelong learning in a variety of settings.

We run a programme of inclusive outreach activities aimed at supporting artists, giving resonance to the concerns of Black British communities and working with young people to explore issues of importance to them.

You can take part in Talawa through our Schools and Community Projects and TYPT. We also have useful Resources which you can download.

If you require further information, please contact Gail Babb, Participation and Education Officer at

"It would be a very tough call to say who's learned most from you - the students or me. Thank you so much for your patience, generosity and inspiration. Those boys have loved working with you! So have I! Let's do it again!"
Ethnic Minority Achievement Teacher, Ernest Bevin School

"I wish that other people could have the experience I had. This has been very fun and must have been one of my coolest weeks. I think people would love to do this and I hope Tas and Gail continue doing workshops in schools, It has big affects on people"
Year 9 student, Clacton County High School

"I learnt not to be scared"
Participant, Hidden Histories

"Now I've realised that I've got to take more of a risk with my ideas. Risks have been taken in our classroom and it's been enjoyable. The kids have loved it. I've enjoyed it. The other adults in the room have enjoyed lessons more and they've learnt more."
Maths teacher, Lambeth Academy