Script Reading Service

Our Script Reading Service is open now until 31st January 2019. 

  • Top tips from our script readers:

  • "Don't try to conform to standards already set by others, set your own"

  • "Avoid stereotypes. Research the social / cultural context of your characters"

  • "Don't second guess what they want you to write. Write what you want to write"

  • How it works

    • Send us your script using the option below by 23:59 on 31st January 2019 - click the button below which will call up an email window, add your script and a short cover note
    • We'll confirm that we have received your script
    • Your script will be read by one of our team of script readers, who will report back to our Literary Associate in our Readers’ Meeting

    You will either receive a detailed script report or, if your script is selected for further development, you will be invited to come in and meet with us.

    Please note - this process takes three months. 

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