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Flipping the Script 10 May, 22 June, 28 July 2011
Talawa's series of play readings showcasing the best in new Black British writing is back.

Flipping the Script gives you the chance to hear stories from writers who are exploring and celebrating the Black experience in all its complexity and diversity.

These are some of the best untold stories told by thrilling new voices and directed by emerging directors from the Young Vic.

Join us. You won't want to miss out!

Flipping the Script 10 May, 22 June, 28 July 2011

Flowering Blue by EVEWRIGHT

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> 10th May, 7pm
Walking to Obama
Written by Grant Buchanan Marshall
Directed by Monique Sterling

A passionate evocation of Black struggle in the Southern states, Walking to Obama vividly recaptures pre-civil rights America. An investor hatches a brutal scheme in an epic fight over land that has been in Merla Parker's family for generations. Falsely accused of the battery of her husband, Merla is thrown into prison. Exposed to the worst depravities, she struggles to maintain her dignity, her family and the land.
> 22nd June, 7pm
Take Me 2 Manhattan
Written by Maxine Quintyne-Kolaru
Directed by Erica Miller

Ailleen struggles to cope with her alcoholic mother and the trauma caused by her absent brother. With the unexpected return of her Uncle Silco from prison and her ill-fated 16th birthday looming, the reality of Ailleen's world comes crashing in on her. Only the unconventional love of Ryan and refuge in the local Chicken Shop that he runs, can make the reality of her grim world bearable.
> 28th July, 7pm
House of Zerquera
Written by Atiha Sen Gupta
Directed by Anthonette Isioma

House of Zerquera takes a nostalgic look at Cuba and communism. Zerquera is a staunch Cuban communist and revolutionary. Struggling to hold on to his grand house, he is forced to rent rooms to tourists. However, his son is eager to leave Cuba and illegally brings a British Asian girl to stay to make a quick buck. Her romantic search for the ideals of the revolution exposes the dark sides of Zerquera, Cuba and herself.

Tickets: £7 in advance/£9 on the day
020 7922 2922 | www.youngvic.org
66, The Cut, Waterloo London SE1 8LZ

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