The Smiley Show by Natasha Marshall at Talawa Firsts 2021

Talawa Firsts 2021: Thursday 8th July

The Smiley Show is based on a true story.

Mr & Mrs Smiley are HAPPY. 

What makes them extra HAPPY is their perfect daughter, Lucky.

Except there’s this clown that keeps appearing and talking to Lucky, telling her twisted fairy tales - leading her to believe things aren’t what they seem ...

    Natasha Marshall

  • Natasha Marshall (Writer/Performer) has enjoyed performing from a young age. 

    Natasha graduated from East15 Acting School in 2012. In 2014 and 2015 Natasha participated in the Royal Court Writers Group and in 2015/2016, the SOHO Theatre’s Writers group, SOHO Rising and Talawa Firsts.

    Natasha has also enjoyed being apart of BBC Sketch Group, BBC Comedy Group and BBC New Voices. In 2019 Natasha wrote a BLAP for Channel 4 based on her play Halfbreed. She also wrote Crop Circles, a 10 minute monologue for Paines Plough as part of their Come To Where I Am- Rural edition. In 2020 the stage version of Halfbreed was filmed for BBC Lights Up programme, terrestrially broadcast on BBC Four and also available on BBCiplayer.

  • We're delighted to welcome Natasha Marshall back to Talawa Firsts in 2021. Halfbreed opened Talawa Firsts 2016 before going on a national and then international tour, and then being filmed and broadcast by the BBC. We had always known Marshall was an extraordinary performer, but the power and dexterity of her writing and performance in Halfbreed was exceptional. The Smiley Show is a breath taking play, you have to see it to believe it.

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