• Bringing artists together to play

    We create the space for artists to take risks with each other, meet, play and build a lasting network.

    • Coming soon: MAKE Online – a community of Black British artists. Register your interest here

    • Pamela Raith Photography

    We are right at the beginning of MAKE.  Keep checking back to see how the story develops, or sign up to our newsletter for email updates.

  • Each year we will curate opportunities for artists to spark new ideas and projects. In 2017 we are bringing together:

    • artists in the Northwest

    • movers and musicians

    • disabled and non-disabled Black artists

    Watch this space for further artist-led opportunities.

  • Artist

    “I am surrounded by a team of highly skilled people … together we are learning new styles and new forms of expression. I know it will push me to be better and better as a performer.”

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