Artistic Director Leadership Programme

  • David Oyelowo

    Who is curating the culture? Predominantly it is white, middle-class men.

  • How many people of colour are running publically funded theatre organisations in England?  Not many.   

    It’s time for a change.

    Four companies whose collective missions represent a rich, multicultural and modern Britain – tiata fahodziFreedom Studios, Talawa Theatre Company and 20 Stories High – are intervening to lead change. 

    We know that representation matters. 

    We know difference leads to innovation, surprise, challenge, and originality.

    Like David Oyelowo, we believe that to achieve this diversity – of art, artists, workforce and audience – change must begin at the top.  

    There are two streams:

    • Artistic Director Residencies - The Trainee Artistic Director programme provides four paid, two-year, full-time residencies for experienced theatre directors with trainees being resident at one of the partner theatre companies.  Get details and apply.
    • Leaders of Tomorrow - a bespoke leadership programme for theatre practitioners of colour.   Get details and apply.

    The Artistic Director Leadership Programme is a training programme for future theatre leaders.   The programme is open to people of colour who want to be artistic leaders.   Does that sound like you? 

    Get all the information and application details via the Artistic Director Leadership website.   Deadline 29 March.  

    The progamme is delivered by tiata fahodzi, Freedom Studios, Talawa Theatre Company and 20 Stories High and is supported by the Regional Theatre Young Director Scheme (RTYDS) and Independent Theatre Council (ITC).   The Artistic Director Leadership Programme is funded by Arts Council England through the Sustained Theatre Fund.

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